Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thank you thank you thank you Jan...your swap is a real treasure

and I absolutely will treasure them for ever...thank you so much
 stunning work so fine and something I could no longer do, my eyes sight wouldn't allow it..beautiful colours
 thinking the teeny tiny granny squares and flower would make a fabulous necklace?
 the crochet bag will be going on holiday with me as an evening bag with one of the flowers on it I think
 and the broach too will make a wonderful decoration for a top I excited lol
There is lots to read too and a wonderful sachet of coffee....sorry I drank it straight away and forgot to add it to the list and you can see the teeny tiny Angel stitch marker migh add that to a necklace I have and wear it myself lol
I Love them all so much, so very very generous of you
huge hugs from me xx


  1. I'm in a rush and just wanted to check you had got them, thought I'd have a sticky beak in the flower bed and saw these gorgeous blooms, I thought wow how pretty and then I actually read the post. Doh. I'm so pleased you love them, was there a coffee sachet in there as well. You can stick the angel where ever you want, I use them on zips, as stitch markers and on my keyring. Everyone needs an angel. Your photo made them look so good. Better get a move on, market day today.


    1. Hi Jan yes there was and I drank it and then forgot to add it to the wonderful list hehe
      I will amend the post sorry for forgetting it
      Hugs X


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