Thursday, 8 March 2012


My swap partner should have recieved her parcel by now, so I can share what I sent to her

The last one is a left over Flower from my Japenese Flower Blanket  to which I added a
five pointed mini for a centre piece, quite effective I think

Once again thanks to Jewel for arranging this swap, great fun



  1. You have indeed spoilt your swappartner, superbe Joan.
    You are welcome, I really hope that by now everybody should have received the swap... Hugs Jewel

  2. I got mine from Argentina yesterday from Val. How can I post the picture? thanks!
    Laurel in Wisconsin

  3. hi Just do a post if you can't then mail Jewel or me and we will do a post on your behalf, but I am off on holiday soon so if I don't get picture via mail you will need to contact Jewel
    Thanks Sue x


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