Sunday, 4 March 2012

Look what the Postie brought me

I resisted all temptation and didn't open the box till we had got our market stall set up in the next town, my friend was dying to see what was in it.  I showed great restraint (not like me at all).  A box full of gorgeous african flower motifs (my favourite flower at the moment) and a Paris case, look what was inside.  After living with 4 males for years I never got to have prettys and now I am on my own I am gradually letting 'pretty' into my home.  These will look wonderful in my kitchen - woe betide anyone who actually uses my pretty tea-towels. The coffee mug and tray will be used when I am pampering myself.  Thank you to Suzan, I love it.
I want to make a bag with the flowers, i love the colours she chose, I don't think I would have chosen anything different, they are perfect for what I want to make.



  1. Lucky you !
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. happy to see that you like your swap :-)

  3. What a sweet gift , I just love the colours !
    Make every day a treat day Jan & enjoy!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Wow lovely.


  5. Another wonderful swap x

  6. It was my pleasure and you have arranged it all so beautifully. To be truthful the day I posted this I sent about five parcels....I was so over making things fit! I hope you truly enjoy making the bag.


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