Friday, 9 March 2012

Getting There

My flower blanket is coming along nicely again.
I'd put it down for a while and that is something you shouldn't really do.
But I managed to get some joining done this week (at last).
So here it is.....

Nine rows

Ten rows

All the flowers for rows 11 & 12 are done and ready to be joined, the blanket will be 13 rows altogether.
So nearly there!!!!!

Chris Xx


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the bits of orange here and there.

  2. Chris, really fantastic job. It is looking beautiful.

  3. Love the colors! It looks fabulous! Great stick-tuit-iveness!

  4. Nice flowery blanket! Great job!

  5. Unbeliveable!! Very beautiful!

  6. I absolutely love the way you have arranged the colours. It makes me want to run off right now and buy every shade of grey I can find then just one skein of another colour

  7. Really love the flowers!!!How long it took to make all of them?

  8. that is just lovely! Beautiful color!

  9. I love the bursts of colour amongst the grey, can't wait to see the finished rug.

  10. What a work of art! I'd be in a dither - hang it on the wall or lay it on the bed?? It's incredibly pretty and looks so light and delicate.

  11. Chris - Can you please tell me how you've joined the flowers? I have 45 made, but now I need to connect them! I'm thinking I should have attached them as I was crocheting the last round, but I'm new at this, and I didn't think about that until I had the flowers made. Now - how do I connect the flowers? PS - I love your colors -

  12. cannot find the book this pattern came from have been to very book store here on Long Island!!! Checked Amazon and they do not have it either... I was hoping to make a shawl for my Bestie's upcoming 60th bday and would LOVE to use this pattern.... I tried to find it on and even wrote to the designer but no answers :(
    WOuld you be willing to send it to me in an email or to post it on your blog?

    1. Go here:, and here:, or try Googling "crochetedJapanese Flower." If you figure out how to hook those flowers together, let me know!


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