Sunday, 22 January 2012


I can't believe how long it is since I have been in here, time is flying away from me at a great rate of knots. A belated Happy New Year to all.  Haven't you all been busy. I love Marjo's bags and some of the colour combinations of peoples african flowers and the japanese scarf/shawls/blankets.
My flower scarf/blanket has slowed down mainly due to the fact I have nearly used up all of the scraps. I'm busy crocheting away on rabbits, elephants and other projects so I can make more scraps.  It would be so easy to go out and buy yarn specifically for it but I am determined it will be made from scraps left over from all my projects.  I am saving a few of the small balls so that when it gets bigger I am able to use the same colours throughout, at the moment my other projects seem to be 'dirty' colours or pastels and I don't want to have a big patch of 'brights' and then the other colours.  I am choosing the colours at random still and so far I haven't done any repeats.  I've only done 9 flowers since the last photo so I won't put up a photo till I have completed one more row.  I had an enforced rest at the end of November, I had to take it easy after having my gall bladder out so I sat each day with my basket of scraps and my hook and made flowers, so those were the 9 i made, plus some little flowers for headbands and hair ties and bracelets.
The photo of the daffs - Its a grey, miserable day here, despite it being summer, the weather doesn't quite know what it should be doing, its been the dryest January for decades and yet we have had rain nearly everyday - not the heavy monsoon rains we should be getting, we get the thunder and lightning but the rain taunts us, little bits of drizzle every now and again, but when it does RAIN properly we sure do know about it. So my daffs cheer up a grey day, if I can remember how I made them I think I will do more.



  1. These are great! It would be wonderful to see more.

  2. What a great reminder that spring will eventually arrive. Thank you! Also, this is a great update. ~Kelly

  3. Who needs to go out and buy flowers when you can make such pretty ones yourself. Great job!
    Susanne :)


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