Monday, 30 January 2012

Swap: Get ready to send your swapbox

Hi everyone,
check your mailboxes, I have sent you a mail with the name of your swapsister.
PLease confirm that you have received the mail to me.
Send your box before  February 15 and when you receive your box, blog about it on the Flower Bed.
Happy Swapping

UPDATE: at the request of some of the swappers, deadline for sending will be extended until end of February... I also gave you the email address of your swapsister, so please make sure to check the mailing address before sending the swapbox, just to be sure that your goodies don't get lost!!!

Remember person A sends to person B, person B sends to person C, person C sends to person D, etc... en the last in the row sends to person A. Circle is round. In fact you will be sending to one person and receiving from another swapper... don't hesitate to mail me with questions.


  1. Can we already send our swap our do we have to waith till the end of february to send it? As I finnised mine I would like to send it already. Is it to early our can I al ready send it out?

  2. Hi...hey are meant to be in the post before the 15th February, sent mine out yesterday so l would send it
    Hugs Sue x

  3. I have send mine out today. As it hs to go to the USA it will teak more than a week, so I tought I better send it out now. I hope I did it wright.


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