Monday, 31 October 2011

The Second African Flower Blanket

                Front & back view of the AF Blanket made from my bag of scraps.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

flower cushion

Thought i would share my flower cushion with you all
It's been a wip for ages so i'm glad it is finally finished. I decided to put a button in the middle and draw it in a bit giving it some shape.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Flower baby grubs

Oh dear, I really should be cleaning, the house is a mess, but I just had to come in here for another sticky beak. I keep seeing Ravelry being mentioned so I though I would join. This is how bad my memory is at the moment, apparently I joined a few years ago and forgot. So I've reset my password and I'm back on ravelry.
I made these little dolls this month, some with legs and some without and gave them flower hats. Its one way of using up my stash. Just a basic ami pattern but they are so cute and easy to do.
I never write patterns down I just make up as I go along, but I am disciplining myself to do so in the future.  I made a gorgeous flower one night and try as I might I just can't do another one like it.  So I bought myself a set of little notebooks to keep by my chair.  Whether I actually do write things down as I go is another matter and also whether the books stay next to my chair and don't disappear into the grandgirls toyroom. I found a piccy of one of the flower garlands, this is just a simple one, probably about a metre and a half in length.  Oh no, just look at the time, nearly ten o'clock and i'm still in my jami's.  Don't tell anyone.

I put the finishing touches to my friends birthday present last night, its a lot prettier in the flesh, its better than the one I made for myself (the green one).  I used two of the large flower motifs and a yo-yo and button to finish it off on top. I also finished off the elephant, gave her a pretty swirly skirt and of course, added a little flower. Its too wet to do the markets this morning (Sat. 22 Oct), so it will be a couple of weeks before there is another one, hopefully the weather will have inproved. Plenty of time for me to make more flower garlands and elephants and flower grubs babies.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Spring is blooming

Thank you for the invite to this wonderful blog, hopefully it will give me the incentive to finish off numerous projects.
Not quite sure what these bright blooms are going to end up as, they were intended for a flower garland but they are a bit big and heavy once I added the yo-yo and the buttons. Big and bold in your face brooches maybe. Any suggestions (polite ones of course) are always welcome.  They are about 4 inches across and I have put hanging loops on them.   
Hearts and flowers bloom here.  I put them away somewhere safe and now I can't find them, I wanted to finish off a couple of garlands with a heart in between the flowers and made about 100 hearts over three nights. Then I had a massive tidy up and put them away.  Things tend to get lost in my craftroom, theres a big black hole that sucks in unsuspecting crafty bits. 
I love flowers, I love to crochet and I love vintage buttons. So I combine the three and make flower brooches. I was intending today to get started and make some happy blooms for the markets, but today is grey and miserable and very windy, not at all spring like.
 I usually have a few projects on the go at the same time I'm currently making amigurumi elephants and pigs, flowers and a cover for a footseat to give to a friend.  She liked mine so much and was dropping big hints. We picked up one in a op-shop that only needed a bit of filling in it and I set to last night. Hers will be purple and I'm thinking I could use a few leftover flowers to decorate the sides. Watch this space.
 I don't suppose I'll get much done today once I get stuck into reading what everyone is up to. Thanks for having me by.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Two WIP's has finished....

Something for my husband...something for me the winter can start ....

Granny Gertie's Flower

It wasn't until recently that I found out that there was a crocheter in the family; my Great Grandma, the fantastically named, Gertie Muggleton. Mum arrived yesterday with a large bag of her work that had been sitting in her wardrobe since she cleared her parents house out. The bag was stuffed full of doilies - Gertie must have had a lot of pots and vases, coasters and some beautifully embroidered linens too.
My favourite of all the pieces though is this: 

It is worked in a very fine mercerised cotton thread and the central flower drew my interest immediately as it was so pretty. I've seen loads of different flower patterns and normally patterns with long petals require you to work each petal individually and rejoin the yarn. I don't like that kind of pattern - hey, I'm a seamless kinda gal and too many ends to weave in leaves me a bit cold. But when I looked more closely (and its very fine so this involved a fair bit of squinting) I saw that she'd used a very clever method I've not come across before. The whole thing is worked in rounds and the petals have chains between them that are gathered up by a double crochet (single US) to form the edge of the petal. 

I had to have a go at it and here is my first attempt at a five petalled version. 

I played around a little bit more with the chain lengths. I decided six petals was more pleasing and that I wanted a bit of colour. And Granny Gertie's Flower was born:

Its a lovely large flower, it measures about 12cm when made up in DK with a 3.5mm hook. It rather reminds me of a poinsettia, I can see a few red ones being run up over Christmas.

If you'd like to make Granny Gertie's flower you can find it here on Ravelry or download it for free here 
I hope you enjoy making it.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

more flowers!

I love that I can crochet!
I saw a necklace in the mall that was crochet flowers and it inspired me to make this!

I love this. I only spent $2.50 (w/coupon) for the skein of yarn but the necklace in the store was $14.99!

I actually have been crocheting up a storm!  
well, unless I have a messy knot getting in my way!

I have been organizing my yarn bin and want to use up these little balls of yarn, so I have a perfect project..

Another granny square scarf! I recently made one (scarf) for my niece with bright colors.
Now I decided to make one for myself with more muted colors. We will see how it turns out!
And then I just had to share this owl hat with you that I made, it is for my nephew and I just love how it turned out!

I have posted more details of these projects on my blog if you wanna see!  thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A few Teeny Tiny Daisy Granny squares..

Inspired by Sophie Digard and my Daisy pattern from a couple of years back 
made with 100% merino and variegated Hot Sock yarn and a 3mm hook
never thought l would enjoy making anything so tiny

and even smaller fill-ins
Scarves for Christmas presents..would love to own a genuine Sophie Digard, 
but l'm afraid the £200-£300 price tag on her work, is right out of my price range
so made my own version inspired by her work
Suz x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Granny Square Scarf

I finally finished something!
It helps that it was for my niece for her birthday so it helps to have a deadline.
I got the granny square pattern from my book "The complete guide to needlework"

I used a G hook and as you can see I crochet with 2 different yarns at the same time.
Then I attached all the squares together with a single crochet stitch.
Then I used slip knots on the end for some fringe. The only thing missing was someone to model it....

I talked my buddy Zuko into modeling but as you can see he wasn't too happy about it!

"Okay that's enough!" he says!
haha, thanks for looking! There are a couple more pix on my blog!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Crochet winter hat with flower

I made this beautiful crochet hat for my daughter Elise. She wanted a grey hat but with a colorful flower. So we chose pink. And the pink of the flower matched with the scarf that she had last year. She is so happy with her new hat. And especially because mommy made it :-)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Braided Rag Rugs

I love the concept of no failure and no waste, just opportunities and possibilities.This is what I was able to make from scraps of fabric and old t-shirts: my first braided rag rugs. Not all came out the way I wanted,but the ones you see I am happy with.

What are some of the ways you recycle scraps of fabric or t-shirts? Please share your ideas.
T.of KnittingDays