Thursday, 20 October 2011

Flower baby grubs

Oh dear, I really should be cleaning, the house is a mess, but I just had to come in here for another sticky beak. I keep seeing Ravelry being mentioned so I though I would join. This is how bad my memory is at the moment, apparently I joined a few years ago and forgot. So I've reset my password and I'm back on ravelry.
I made these little dolls this month, some with legs and some without and gave them flower hats. Its one way of using up my stash. Just a basic ami pattern but they are so cute and easy to do.
I never write patterns down I just make up as I go along, but I am disciplining myself to do so in the future.  I made a gorgeous flower one night and try as I might I just can't do another one like it.  So I bought myself a set of little notebooks to keep by my chair.  Whether I actually do write things down as I go is another matter and also whether the books stay next to my chair and don't disappear into the grandgirls toyroom. I found a piccy of one of the flower garlands, this is just a simple one, probably about a metre and a half in length.  Oh no, just look at the time, nearly ten o'clock and i'm still in my jami's.  Don't tell anyone.

I put the finishing touches to my friends birthday present last night, its a lot prettier in the flesh, its better than the one I made for myself (the green one).  I used two of the large flower motifs and a yo-yo and button to finish it off on top. I also finished off the elephant, gave her a pretty swirly skirt and of course, added a little flower. Its too wet to do the markets this morning (Sat. 22 Oct), so it will be a couple of weeks before there is another one, hopefully the weather will have inproved. Plenty of time for me to make more flower garlands and elephants and flower grubs babies.


  1. I am trying to catch up here in the Flower Bed and what do I see but these little cuties you have made Jan. Oh how sweet!

  2. Adorale things, love the elephant!

  3. Hello. Regina.

    The excellent and lovely work.

    The autumn profound, painted space

    The prayer for all peace.
    from Japan, ruma ❋


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