Monday, 22 August 2011

Second African Flower Blanket started

You might recall awhile back I showed off my very first African Flower blanket. It was a joy to make and the possibilities with the flower colors were endless and so much fun. When you have a ton of scrap yarns at your disposal you can't wait to make flowers all day long, in fact, it is all you think about and a great escape from everyday problems and worries. My first blanket was so much fun I knew a second one would be in the near future.

 This next one is going to be a bit different though. Where the first blanket had each individual flower bordered with a sage green color and motifs were hand stitched together, with this second one I decided to do the join-as-you go method to use up more of my yarn stash and to make this a faster project. I do think it is going to be lovely and much more colorful. And guess what????? I am extra thrilled because this second one is SOLD already and to be a Christmas present for a special lady. I sure hope she likes it. To see more about what is going on in my corner of the world come and visit me. You all are welcome anytime here. I love comments and I truly ♥ my followers.


  1. Hi I really love the blanket I'd love to make one is there a pattern available?Please ;-))

  2. The pattern I used can be found here
    It is a public group and the pattern is found near the bottom of the page.

  3. Fabulous..a wonderful distraction, l agree there
    Beautiful blanket well done
    Suz x

  4. How beautiful. I love the background colour you used, it makes the flowers really pop.

  5. Very colourful and beautiful, what a wonderful Christmas present. I love the join as you go method,far more fun than sewing all up in one go

  6. Trabalho precioso, amei!!!


  7. this made my day. it's gorgeous and bright and cheerful and I love it!

  8. Regina, tudo muito lindo, adorei!

  9. Gorgeous!!! These colors are beautiful!

  10. I love that blanket !!!! Beautiful !!


    Marjo's Cosy Corner

  11. The first blanket is amazing and the second I think may be even more fun. Good luck,

  12. You Can make half hexagons for the edgings to get square or rectangular blankets :)


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