Monday, 29 August 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Sometimes it's not so easy to post something, and I do not like to comment only negative things ...
past friday my bloodtest were not good, very low white they said, when you get cold or a little bit of have to come and stay in the hospital...but my body is stronger than I thought...I'm still at home friday again bloodtests, and when they are good...5th of September my 3th chemo will here a little bit of pictures of the last week I crochet (even in my bed)
A babyblanket in progress for the daughter of a friend of ours...
A black scarf for my sister (the same in other comment for my daughter)

My squares in progress...a pattern of Jan Eaton 64 pieces,finished 29 pieces pfffff

And the happiness of our dog Whisper in the water ....


  1. I wish you well and hope your bloodtest's improve.I just love the colour's of your crochet square's soo sweet.
    Hug's Georgie x

  2. Marjo, love that you are able to enjoy your crocheting and what you have done so far looks so good. I love that top photo of the piece with white and light purple. It looks like something for a baby??? You may have seen that we are expecting our first grand baby, so excited these days. I am filled with hope for you to come through all this to be a stronger person. I know you have had setbacks, but also know how you have been so brave to keep trying and that is a blessing. I still say prayers for all my family and friends. Have not forgotten you friend ♥

  3. Hello, Marjo. I'm with Susanne. I love hearing that you are crocheting through your days. Wonderful. I'm sorry you've had this setback with the white blood cells. I know this is a common occurrence during the course of chemo. Keep stitching. You are producing lovely works.

    Sending healing energy from Wisconsin, USA.

  4. I LOVE that baby blanket! How are you doing it, or can you tell us? It's adorable! Sending prayers for strength. Hugs, Annette

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comment ....
    @Petunia...indeed it is a baby blanket and the pattern comes from Teresa
    The pattern is in English ....


  6. Marjo, you are strong, you are getting better every day. I love your crocheting and I especially love the scarf, it is so beautiful. We are here for you and we want to hear it all, good tests and bad. Hang in there sweet Marjo, we all send you poitive healthy wishes.


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