Sunday, 14 August 2011

 This is my daughter with my new shawl......
And this is me completely gone now...but I show you not the picture without my hair because I just like a skinhead then....-)


  1. It's a lovely wrap, Marjo. Hope that each day you are feeling better and regaining strength. Prayers for you, from here...

  2. What a lovely gift to your daughter, and I think you look great, you have beautiful eyes, who needs hair anyway?

  3. Marjo, beautiful you!! Hair is over-rated anyways, bald is beautiful and so many who don't need to will shave their hair away to look just like you. You are quite fashionable. Keeping you in my prayers. Love the shawl, bet your daughter loves it too :)

  4. A lovely gift to your daughter :)) It sits beautifully on her shoulders.. I love your head cover :))


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