Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 10......

Yesterday taking  blood .. day 10 is the day that the white blood cells are at their lowest after the cure .. idd  all blood values ​​were too low (such as the oncologist said, "Taxotere chemotherapy in combination with cyclophosphamide strike without mercy) there is somewhere a little infection and I had some increase (at 38 ° is the record) ... so the only thing I can do is ...... NOTHING ... just relax, not work ... when I get chemo next an additional injection so that the blood levels so low will not come ... so I'll do anything ... I walk from my bed to the bathroom ... and again ... then walk through our garden and wood and back ... ... I do a little washing up .. and I walk to my bed ... I do naps, and I read a little and do not feel to crochet ?!... dipperiode lasts until day 15 and then again which should improve all ... but .. at day 15 my hair will fall out (how can they calculate it all?) but I'm going one step ahead and on day 13, we have the clippers ... I want  no tufts of hair everywhere in the house of my own encounter ... soooo done enough for today ... this lady goes back to take a nap :-)


  1. hold on! do not be discouraged! do not know what else to say, to add cheer to you. Do not give up!

  2. Marjo, you are doing great and you are giving your body precious time to heal. Who need hair anyway?
    Love to you,

  3. Nap on, girlfriend! Yaaaay for clippers! As Meredith said above, "Who needs hair anyway?". Be still and hear all the prayers that are said around the world for your strength and fortitude! This is only temporary. Hugs, Annette

  4. I have such admiration for your fortitude. Take all the rest you need. Thinking positive thoughts your way.


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