Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finished by 6...or is it?

Not sure!....finished for now but may add some more at a later date


  1. That blue you've used gives wonderful definition to this beauty! So very pretty.

  2. Lovely flowers and pretty colours, if it was me I'd want to keep adding more and more :-)

  3. Oh Suz! This is fabulous but I love all you make. I want to try your bathmat when I get more started projects done. What will you use this blanket for? I think I would add more as it would make it larger.

    Greetings from Holland ~

  4. Looks just like spring flowers. So pretty!

  5. Hi all and thanks right now it's over the back of a sofa where l can see it every day..tried it over my shoulders and it looks great on..but needs a few more making it an odd shape but would be great in the winter as a wrap with shape hehe....never know l might just wear it
    Hugs and thanks for all the lovely comments, make my day they do xx

  6. what yarn did you use? it's absolutely gorgeous! beautiful work! :)

  7. Thank you...Mostly Stylecraft Special DK but any acrylic DK if l need a particular colour...
    Wool makes me itch but l do work with ColourMart 100% Merino that looks a bit like cotton..a huge bucket full of that in my craft room and l'm luck enough to live 5 minutes away from them walkig!...too handy sometimes lol
    Hope that helps
    Suz x

  8. Thanks so much, Suz-- It has to be one of the prettiest things I've EVER seen... absolutely gorgeous scarf :)


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